Sponsor a Dog

These dogs are in great need of some love and support and you can help! This program allows you to virtually “adopt” a dog. Through this program you can help support him/her with your donation towards their veterinary care, medications, rehabilitation, pain management, special diets, and surgical/major medical needs.

Hospice/Palliative Care:

While most of our dogs are adoptable, we occasionally rescue dogs that can not be adopted due to their medical status.

Some dogs are in imminent hospice care need which means they will cross over the rainbow bridge in a short time. Some dogs have an expected longer life span but are in need of palliative care. They may have a longer time to receive your love but due to their on-going medical care needs they are not appropriate to be adopted out. These dogs are provided on-going comfort care to allow them to enjoy life and have the best quality of life with the time they have left.

Surgical/Major Medical Need:

These dogs have a great surgical or major medical need. Some examples of those needs are FHO repair, luxating patella repair, repair of major fractures usually from being hit by a car or abuse, and prosthetics.

Our sponsorship program can be a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation. You can also send special gifts to the dogs. Consider gifting a “virtual adoption” to a friend or family member who is unable to adopt a dog and would enjoy “virtual adoption”.

Thank you for your participation in this important program to help meet the needs of rescued Border Collies.


Lizzie playing in the water

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Lizzie’s sponsors: Kristen Klett – Kristen Barishman – Vikki Johnson – Sara Bates

Lizzie playing in the water
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Lizzie’s sponsors:

Age: 1.5 years old

Lizzie, a 6 month old Border Collie- Shepherd mix, was sitting at a shelter for almost a month when she was brought to CBCR’s attention. The shelter vet observed an abnormal gait and suspected bilateral luxating patellas. They had been unsuccessful in finding a rescue willing to take a puppy in need of costly bilateral surgery until they connected with CBCR.

When Lizzie came to us she was very weak in her rear, often opting to drag her back legs rather than taking the effort to get up if she only had to go for a short distance.
An additional examination revealed sweet Lizzie had broken both her back legs sometime in her past. They were poorly healed and abnormally angled. It is incredibly sad to think about the trauma this little girl had experienced in her short time and the suffering she had experienced with two broken legs and no one to care for her.

Shortly after her arrival Lizzie ended up with emergency surgery for a ruptured diaphragm that she had all along. Half of her abdominal contents including some of her liver and the right kidney were in her chest. During the surgery her liver had difficulty processing the medications required and she really struggled to survive but with supportive care she beat the odds.

Later, she had FHO surgery on her right leg and did well with her recovery.

Her prognosis is not a very long life expectancy. She will more than likely experience intermittent liver infections. Her legs are arthritic due to the injuries and she has a cruciate ligament tear in her right knee presently. Her treatment plan going forward is to manage her pain and rehabilitative care. The rehab can get her leg and overall musculature in better condition to avoid further surgeries since her liver can not handle surgery well and she can’t take any anti-inflammatory medication due to her liver condition. This rehab will decrease her pain.

Despite all that she has been through she is living life and loving it! She is the sweetest, most gentle and loving pup who is completely trusting with all humans. She loves to play with all dogs. She is best friends with her foster’s cat. They play hide and seek endlessly! She also loves toys!