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Carolina Border Collie Rescue

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption

of abandoned, neglected and mistreated Border Collies in the state of North Carolina.

I’ve Been Adopted

Babe headshot

Babe has an ABCA pedigree that lists some well-known goose dogs and agility dogs. She is very high drive, with a lot of “eye” and needs to be given a sport or a job to do. Unfortunately, Babe has been bounced around due to her previous owners’ unfortunate circumstances. However, she seems resilient and amazingly biddable and eager to bond. She is very athletic and has treat and ball drive. Babe knows sit, and down, and is crate-trained and house-trained.

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I’ve Been Adopted

Rio headshot

It’s so heartwarming to see her bounce around playing.

When we first started fostering her, she had to be carried out to the yard to go potty. She now goes out by herself. She has never had an accident in the house. She also does not dig in the trash or counter surf. In the morning, she licks my face to tell me she needs to go out. We have tried a kennel a few times, but she is absolutely terrified of it. She sleeps all night on a doggie bed in our room.

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