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Carolina Border Collie Rescue

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption

of abandoned, neglected and mistreated Border Collies in the state of North Carolina.

I’ve Been Adopted

A headshot of Betsy.

Betsy was the last to be born and compared to her siblings, it looks like the printer ran out of ink! Betsy is VERY loving and affectionate. She has a habit of licking dogs’ faces all over which can be taken either as a sweet gesture or an annoyance. Being the youngest, she tends to get the short end of the stick from her siblings but it made her all the more eager to make friends and have fun.

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I’ve Been Adopted

A headshot of Stella.

Stella was the second born in the litter and was quite the observer of her siblings and what shenanigans they would get themselves into. As she’s grown, she’s shown to be very smart and attentive to the world around her. With her intelligence comes her bold assertive personality, when she wants something, she’ll get it. She doesn’t let her siblings get the best of her.

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