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Activity Level Categories

The following categories primarily refer to an individual dog’s need for activity. Use them to locate listed dogs that fit your lifestyle and expectations.

  • Companion:  A couch potato. Content in simply being with the “boss” and occasionally playing, but also enjoys going for walks in the neighborhood or to the park.
  • Active Pet:  A dog satisfied with daily long walks and retrieval games. Needs substantial interaction and exercise, but not necessarily formal training or competition.
  • Sport:  Dog may need competition or formal training to challenge their higher drive and energy level.
  • Working:  Dog displays intense herding instinct and some talent, which may need to be channeled into stock work or other intense, continuous activity.

Updated as of 11 October 2021

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There are more dogs looking for homes on our Courtesy Listed Dogs page. Click on the link below to see these great dogs.


These dogs have recently found their forever homes.  We wish them the best life possible.

Extra Special

Our “Extra Special” dogs are those who are difficult to place in adoptive homes and who will likely live out their lives under Carolina Border Collie Rescue’s care. Why can’t they be placed? Often it’s due to health problems or age. Sometimes the dog has a behavior issue that we can control but are not able to entrust its care to other people. Whatever the reason, these dogs are sometimes with Carolina Border Collie Rescue for years and that costs money for medical care and food.

Proper care is more than just feeding and housing an animal; it also includes regular and specialized medical care and sometimes behavioral training.

We would like to thank our generous benefactors and supporters for enabling us to provide the extraordinary care required to rehabilitate the border collies whose cases are featured here and the many, many other special needs dogs that we rescue. Please consider donating to help us continue caring for the special dogs.

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