Courtesy Listed Border Collies

What is the Courtesy Listing?

CBCR provides this space to individual owners, other rescues, and shelters wishing to place their border collies or border collie-mixes themselves. These dogs are not in the CBCR program.

CBCR does not warranty any of the information provided about the following dogs. Should any issues arise, CBCR will not be held responsible. Fees requested and policies may differ from CBCR. Please use the contacts at the end of each dog’s biography to obtain more information about the dogs or to arrange an adoption.

If you would like to list your border collie or border collie mix on this page, fill out our Courtesy Posting Form. If you have other questions regarding our courtesy posting procedures, please contact Joan at

Activity Level Categories

The following categories primarily refer to an individual dog’s need for activity. Use them to locate listed dogs that fit your lifestyle and expectations.

  • Companion: A couch potato. The dog is content simply being with the owner and occasionally playing but also enjoys going for walks in the neighborhood or to the park.
  • Active Pet: The dog is satisfied with daily long walks and retrieval games. The dog needs substantial interaction and exercise but does not necessarily need formal training or competition.
  • Sport: The dog may need competition or formal training to challenge their higher drive and energy level.
  • Working: The dog displays intense herding instinct and some talent, which may need to be channeled into stock work or other intense, continuous activities.

Updated as of 14 April 2024

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